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Commentary: “A little bit of rain in Perth”

I will kick off this blog with a video that I have found enjoyable to watch each and every time. I like this videos for many reasons, which I will detail after you watch the video yourself.

Greatest Drain
00:38 (mm:ss)

By far my favourite event throughout the video is the hallway situated mostly to the left of the camera-operator. This hallway is constantly draining the water out into the river[1]. I discovered this by observing the flow of water; throughout the entire video the water is constantly flowing into the opening. This prompted me to find this location on Google Maps, which wasn’t really that hard because I knew that this location is in Perth of Scotland, and that I would look wherever the bridges are located.

Swishing Water
01:15 (mm:ss)

The constant trickling of traffic creates a nice swirling flow of water. This also spawns many waves which are then bashed into by the cars on regular occasion[2].

The amount of water present is staggering, especially considering the fact that a very lot of water is being drained into the hallway generally at the top-left of the video. Something I would love to do is calculate the amount of water that is being drained away, but this is far out of my realm.

In case you are wondering, most of the water is coming from a inclined road[3].

  1. Google Maps – Perth, Scotland
  2. YouTube – A little bit of rain in Perth – Car bashing into waves (@1:18)
  3. YouTube – A little bit of rain in Perth – Water slide entering view (@1:16)

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